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Plants are abundant all over the world with an estimated 350,000 known species. Every corner of the planet has some form of plant life such as flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, and ferns. Most plants go through the process of photosynthesis, and most are classified as autotrophs.

Plant Information

There are many different types of plants. We will eventually have all different kinds of plants catalogued. Currently you can find information about Cacti, Flowers, Herbs, Shrubs and Bushes, Trees, and Vegetables.

Included in our plant information are sections with pictures of plants. Find them easily in our Plant Pictures area, where all plant pictures are sorted categorically and alphabetically.

We also have a section with Plant Terminology. You will undoubtedly come across some plant terms that you have never heard. Don't be confused anymore, find out what they mean here!

We recently added a Plant Information section. This area will serve as a Plant library, with our plant information sorted into various areas, information on how to grow plants, and everything else related to plants.

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We hope you enjoy our site! We are learning more about plants as we develop, and we invite you to learn more about plants from around the world with us! Our plant information will be constantly growing (no pun intended!) so make sure to come back frequently to learn more about plants.

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