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Plants by Region

African Plants

African plants need to be robust, and able to stand very hot and arid conditions. Some examples of African plants include are Cat Thorn, Dune Spinach, and Pigeon Wood.

Asian Plants

Asian plants come in all shapes and sizes. There are many beautiful and very different flowers found in Asia. Some examples of Asian plants are Dan Dao Zi Cai, Goldband Lily, and Cumin.

Australian Plants

Australian plants are known for their hardiness. They need to withstand dry and hot conditions. Come Australian plants are the Southern Ironwood, Snowy River Wattle, and Kangaroo Vine.

European Plants

There are many different weather regions found all over Europe. The plant types vary greatly as well. Some common European plants are the Bosnian Lily, Chrysanthemums, and Corncockle.

North American Plants

North America combines all the different temperature regions into one continent. The plants vary greatly due to this. Some North American plants are the African Marigold, Alaska Violet, and Magnolia.

South American Plants

South America is known for it's rich forests and lush vegetation. Some South American plants include the Magnolia, Arracacha and the Calabash tree.

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