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Types of Plants

Here are our different types of plants, as they are sorted on Discover Plants. You may notice some categories are not actually scientific, or botanical, classifications.

For example, the term 'vegetables' is only a culinary term, not an actual plant type. Same for 'fruits', but to a lesser extent. We have separated our types of plants by how people commonly refer to them.

Cacti (Cactus)

Cactus plants are well adapted to hot and dry weather by storing water in their succulent stems. They are also known for their spines, for which they are famous.


Flowers are the reproductive part of angiosperms, also known as flowering plants. Look through our Flower information for details about specific flowers.


Herbs are used for culinary, medicinal and spiritual uses. In cuisine, the leaves of the herb are normally the only part used. All parts of herbs are used in various medical or spiritual practices.

Shrubs and Bushes

Usually under 6 m tall, shrubs and bushes are categorized as woody plants. Shrubs have multiple stems and many are covered with flowers of all shapes and sizes.


Trees are everywhere in the world. Trees are tall, large and some are very old. Trees are important in fighting soil erosion and responsible for the clean oxygen we breathe.


The term 'vegetable' is not actually a scientific classification of a plant, but rather strictly a culinary term. Vegetables are parts of plants (flower buds, seeds, stems, fruits, etc) that are edible and used in culinary dishes.

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