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Bosnian Lily

Bosnian Lily ThumbnailAs the name of this plant, Bosnian Lily (Lilium bosniacum) suggests, the plant is native to Bosnia, but also has populations in Herzegovina. The native population of Bosnia calls the flower the Golden Lily. This unique lily was used as the symbol of the country until 1998, and a historic heraldic symbol and the country in medieval times.

What does the Bosnian Lily look like?

The Bosnian Lily grows anywhere from 30 cm to 90 cm in height, with 6 cm wide flowers. The flowers range from yellow to orange, hang a bit as if nodding (see picture), are fragrant, and are arranged with up to six tepals. The leaves of the Bosnian Lily are lanceolate in shape, and hairy margins and are horizontal with their tips curving upwards.

Bosnian Coat of ArmsBosnian Lily Depictions in Bosnia

For centuries, the Bosnian Kingdom, the country, and it's people used the Bosnian Lily, or Golden Lily, as their symbol. The Bosnian Lily has shown up on the countries' coat of arms and flag. They were generally depicted on a blue background, with six Golden Lillies. The Bosnian Lily is still used today within the country as a symbol of their heritage and history.


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