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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily ThumbnailThe Tiger Lily (Lilium lancifolium) is a wonderfully beautiful flower now cultivated all over the world in temperate zones. It is originally from the eastern Asian area; mainly China, Korea and Japan. They do not occur too commonly in the wild, and some think they are actually a hybrid.

The Tiger Lily is a true bulb flower that is hardy to zone 4. It grows about 1.2 meters high, with the widest part of the plant reaching about 25 cm. The Tiger Lily requires well drained, yet moist soil. These flowers are best kept in full sunlight, but can survive in partial shade.

There are reports that the pollen of the Tiger Lily is actually slightly toxic, and creates a drowsiness effect and even vomiting.

Tiger Lily Subspecies

The following are several known subspecies of the Tiger Lily.

  • Lilium lancifolium flaviflorum: Distinguished by yellow flowers
  • Lilium lancifolium fortunei: Known for their woody stems and full size
  • Lilium lancifolium splendens: Larger flowers and very vigorous grower
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