Alpine Wormwood

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Alpine Wormwood Description

Inhabiting rocky outcroppings and the gravelly areas beside rivers in Europe, the Alpine Wormword (Artemisia umbelliformis) is found throughout the Alps and Northern Apennine mountain regions. This herb is also commonly known as the Alps Wormwood.

The Alpine Wormwood plant is a perennial grower, and normally does not grow above 20 cm in height. This herb grows very well in Zone 4, and is hardy enough to grow well in poor nutritionally deficient soil. Alpine Wormwood can grow in both moist and dry soil, but if moist, it needs to be well-drained. It does not grow well in shade and will need direct sunlight to flourish.

Alpine Wormwood is used with other herbs in teas, and the leaves can be used as a condiment to flavour foods.



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