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Black Cardamom

Black Cardamom Pods PictureBlack Cardamom is a herbaceous plant in the Zingiberaceae family. The name Black Cardamom actually refers to two species; Amomum subulatum and Amomum costatum. Black Cardamom is also referred to as Brown Cardamom. The plants seed pods are used as a spice, and have a smoky, and very strong flavour.

The seed pods of Amomum subulatum are used in Indian cuisine, while the larger pods of Amomum costatum are used primarily in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Sichuan cuisine. The pods of Black Cardamom are generally used in marinades, soups and casseroles.

Black Cardamom is used in Chinese medicine to treat malaria and various stomach disorders.

Nepal is the largest producer of Black Cardamom, followed by India, and then Bhutan.

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Image: Credit: Brian Arthur, License: GNU Free Documentation License

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