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Caraway Thyme

Caraway Thyme (Thymus herba-barona), which quite obviously is a species of thyme, grows natively in Corsica, Sardinia and Mallorca in Europe. It has now spread across the world in herb gardens. It is difficult to grow Caraway Thyme from seed, and as such, they are usually purchased as small plants.

A woody herb, Caraway Thyme grows about 10-25 cm high, and has runners that spread along the ground. Caraway Thyme's flowers grow in the l;ate spring and early summer months, and are a bright pink. The leaves of this herb grow to a maximum of about 10 cm, and are dark green with small hairs.

Caraway Thyme can actually be used as a substitute for actual Caraway, due to its alike flavour and scent. It is also commonly used as ground cover in evergreen gardens.

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