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In some circles, the genus Aucuba consists of three different species, but the Flora of China now lists ten different species. These dioecious evergreen shrubs are native to east Asia and can grow to heights of 13 m tall. They are normally a lot smaller than this however, usually growing to 2 - 6 m tall.

Aucuba Leaves

The leaves of the Aucuba have a leathery feel and a glossy look to them, are opposite and have a lanceolate shape. They will grow to lengths of 25 cm long and about 7 cm wide. The apex of the leaf also sports large teeth.

Aucuba Flowers and Fruit

The Aucuba shrubs have small flowers, growing somewhere between 4 to 8 mm in diameter. The petals are a dark purple to brown color and each flower has four. A loose cyme forms with each containing 10 to 30 flowers. Aucuba plants have small red berries, no larger than 1 cm.

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