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Camellia ThumbnailThe Camellia (or Camellias) is the name given to a flowering plant genus. They are mostly considered shrubs, but larger specimens are considered small trees. Camellias are the state flower of Alabama, even though they are native to southern Asia. Their native range extends from the Himalayan mountains to Indonesia and Korea.

How many Camellia plants are there?

As mentioned, the Camellia name specifies the genus, and not the plant itself. The exact numbers are continually in debate, but it is estimated that there are anywhere from 100 to 250 separate species of Camellias. The most commonly known ornamental species is the Japanese Camellia, and the most commonly used species is the Tea Plant.

What do Camellias look like?

Camellias are evergreen shrubs (or small trees), and can grow to heights of 20 meters. Camellia flowers range from white to shades of pink and red. Yellow flowers have also been seen. They grow to sizes ranging from 1 to 12 cm in diameter. In naturally occurring species (not hybrids), Camellia flowers have five to nine petals. The thick leaves of the Camellia shrubs are 3 to 17 cm long, serrated and are normally glossy.

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