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Gardenia PictureThe Gardenia genus of flowering plants contains around 250 different species. These plants grow naturally in Asia, Africa, Australia and the Oceanic regions. The Gardenia Genus was named after Dr. Alexander Garden by Carl Linnaeus.

Gardenias are evergreens, meaning they retain their leaves year-round. They grow in a range from shrubs about 1 meter tall, to trees up to 15 m tall. Gardenia leaves are leathery to the touch, are thick, and grow in bunches of 2, 3 or even 4.

The flowers on a Gardenia bush can grow by themselves or in clusters. They are normally a light yellow or white in color, many with a strong fragrance, and bloom from mid-spring to the middle of the summer months. The strong scent of the Gardenia makes them extremely popular and prized for gardens around the world.

Some gardenia species, like Gardenia jasminoides, are cultivated for indoor use as a house plant. This plant is called Kuchinashi in Japan, and Zhi Zi in China, where they are popular. Yellow dye is also created from this species' bloom.

Gardenia Species

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Gardenia Manii (Nanu)

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