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Kangaroo Thorn

The Kangaroo Thorn (Acacia paradoxa) is a large shrub native to Australia, but grows in other continents as well. It is considered a weed in California, USA. It grows up to 3 meters tall, and 3 meters wide.

The leaves of the Kangaroo Thorn grow very densly, and are a dark green. They provide an excellent backdrop to the bright yellow flowers. The fruit grows in 5 cm long brown-colored pods.

Kangaroo Thorn grows widely across the entire Australian continent and is often one of the first plants to grow after brush fires. Birds seek shelter in the depths of the Kangaroo Thorn shrub, and share the fruit as a food source with moths, butterflies and other insects.

This plant has spiked stipules acting as a defensive measure that keep wild animals at bay.

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