Matilija Poppy

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The Matilija Poppy (Romneya spp.) is found growing wild in north Mexico and the southern parts of California. It is also commonly referred to as the Tree Poppy, and as its name suggests, it belongs to the poppy family.

The Matilija Poppy is a perennial flowering plant, and is normally considered a subshrub, as they tend to stay closer to the ground. In ideal growing conditions, the Matilija Poppy has been seen to grow to a height of 8 feet and 3.2 feet across. This shrub has a hard woody stem with deep green and silvery leaves.

The flowers on this shrub are about 5 inches wide, and are bright white with a strong yellow at their centers. The root system grows very wide and deep, making the Matilija Poppy difficult to remove from the ground.



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