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Quebec Berry

The Quebec Berry (Amelanchier stolonifera) plant is a deciduous shrub that inhabits open but sandy areas, and dry rocky regions of eastern North America. It is also known as the Running Shadbush and the Low Serviceberry.

These shrubs grow to a height of about 1.5 meters. The Quebec Berry flowers in May with the ripening of the seeds occurring later in July. This plant is self-fertile and is pollinated by bees. It requires no shade, or partial shade to grow.

As mentioned, the Quebec Berry prefers rocky or sandy terrain, but does tend to grow in clay-rich soil. The soil has to range from acid to neutral though, and does not grow in base soils. Heavy water will drown the plant, so it is important to keep the soil dry to moist.

The fruit from the Quebec Berry is edible, and actually tastes a bit like apples.

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