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Rose of Sharon

white rose of sharon pictureThe Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is considered the most common garden hibiscus, and is native to most of the Asian continent. It is also quite common in North America, which is where it received its name.

A species of Rose of Sharon (Hypericum calycinum) is actually the South Korean national flower, where the Korean name for it means 'Immortal Flower'.

Growing to sizes between 2 and 4 meters tall, the Rose of Sharon grows in a distinctive vase shape. This flowering shrub is very strong, and branches survive for a long time if cut from the plant and placed into a water vase.

The flowers of the Rose of Sharon are edible, and are commonly seen in colors ranging from white, purple and pink. This plant is also known as the Rose of Althea, and the Shrub Althea.

Modern uses of the Rose of Sharon name

The Rose of Sharon has Biblical origins, but in these modern times the Rose of Sharon name is commonly applied to two different plants.

  • Hypericum calycinum: Native to parts of Europe and Asia, this is a flowering evergreen shrub. This is the plant commonly referred to as 'Rose of Sharon' in Australian and British english.
  • Hypericum calycinum: Native to eastern Asia, this is a flowering deciduous shrub. Hypericum calycinum is the plant referred to as 'Rose of Sharon' in American english.

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Image: Credit: rael.tw@gmail.com, License: GNU Free Documentation License

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