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Ivory Palm

The Ivory Palm genus (Phytelephas) of trees contains six species of Palm Trees. This particular genus of palms grows naturally in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, and along the Andes mountains to south Panama.

As mentioned, the genus Phytelephas (which means "plant elephant") is commonly referred to as Ivory Palms. However, in some regions they are also known as tagua palms or ivory-nut palms. They are named such because the outside of their seeds, known as tagua nuts, have the same coloration as ivory, and are very hard.

Ivory Palm trees can grow to heights of 20 m, making them one of the larger palm tree species, but generally are shorter than that. The tagua nut has a diameter of roughly 6 cm, and is covered by a flaky skin which is brown, and then by a layer of pericarp.

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