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The Marula (Sclerocarya birrea) tree is a member of the Anacardiaceae family, and shares the family with the mango, pistachio, and cashew nut. It is dioecious and a medium-sized species of its kind. They are native to Southern Africa, and stretch into West Africa. They are one of the trees that make up the miombo woodlands of Africa.

The Marula grows to heights of about 18 m tall, and has a wide spreading crown and is single stemmed. The bark of the Marula is mottled and light grey in color. The branches of the Marula tree are common resting places for leopards, where they lay in the tree tops or stash their prey for a later time.

The fruits of the Marula are edible and used for various things. The liquer Amarula contains juice from the Marula fruit. The fruit has a yellow skin when ripe and white flesh. The fruit has about eight times the Vitamin C than oranges. The flesh is very tart, and some people say the flavor is reminiscent of turpentine. Inside the flesh is a hard stone like nut, which when dry, sheds 2 or 3 seeds.

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