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Southern Ironwood

The Southern Ironwood (Acacia estrophiolata) is a tree native to the central regions of Australia. It is also just called the Ironwood. They are found in areas with about 300 mm of rain each year. This tree is very useful, the various uses of which are outlined below.

This tree grows to heights ranging from 4 to 16 m tall. The flowers are a pale yellow color. When the Southern Ironwood is young, the leaves are quite spiky. The branches grow in a pendulum shape, and provide lots of shade.

The sap from the Southern Ironwood was commonly ground, mixed with water, and eaten as a gum by Australian Aborigines. This tree also makes good food for livestock, as the seeds are very high in protein.

Parts of the Southern Ironwood can be used as a topical medicine used to treat burns, cuts and other sores, including various eye problems.

The hard wood of this tree is used in carpentry as fenceposts, and used to make spears and arrows for hunting.

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