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Trident Maple

The Trident Maple (Acer buergerianum) is a variety of maple tree that is native to parts of China and Taiwan. The Trident Maple is considered a small to mid-size tree, growing to heights of 5 to 20 m depending on pruning and care. They grow thick as well, some specimens having trunks 50 cm in diameter.

The leaves of the Trident Maple are deciduous, grow in opposite pairs with three lobes, are hard and dark green, and grow up to 8 cm long. The lobes of older trees are forward pointing with smooth margins, while younger trees sport serrated margins on spread lobes.

The Trident Maple flowers are yellowish-green in colour, small and grow in pendulous corymbs. They have five green sepals and five light yellow petals that grow about 2 mm in length. The fruit of the Trident Maple is a samara that grows to be about 15 mm long.

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