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Varnished Kuni-Rhus

The Varnished Kuni-Rhus (Rhus lucida), a small African tree, is called Blinktaaibos in the native Afrikaans language. As mentioned, it is a small tree, almost never reaching more than 2 meters tall.

It is found in South Africa along the coast on all sides. It grows in low scrub or forested areas that are below 2000 m above sea level. It's main area of inhabitation is the province of Kwazulu-Natal, but also stretches into Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

The leaves of the Varnished Kuni-Rhus are particularly shiny, giving this plant it's name. The flowers of this tree are white in color, and quite small. They do however produce fruit, which are about 4 mm in diameter, grow green, but then turn brown. They are a favorite food by local birds.

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