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Vine Maple

The Vine Maple (Acer circinatum) grows along the western coast of North America, from British Colombia in Canada to California in the United States of America. It grows in elevations under 1200 metres, along the banks of streams running through the forests.

The Vine Maple grows to heights of about 12 metres, with a canopy extending about 8 metres in diameter. It is a deciduous tree that grows very well throughout Zone 5. The Vine Maple requires moist but well-drained soil, and can grow in direct sunlight, or even a little bit of shade.

Uses of the Vine Maple

The sap of the Vine Maple can be used as a sweetener for foods once the water is boiled out.

Baskets are made from the young shoots of the Vine Maple as they are very bendable when young.

The wood from this tree is used to make items such as wooden tool handles. It is not considered an important tree for larger commercial uses.

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