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A tender, light purple with a yellow middle, Iris stole the hearts of many plant lovers. This species is popular among amateur and professional gardeners due to its easy maintenance and gorgeous appearance.

Commonly known as Japanese Flag, Japanese Iris, Japanese Water Iris, or Sword-Leaved Iris, Iris ensata is a species in the Iridaceae family. Native to Japan, China, and Korea, this flower is widely cultivated for ornamental purposes. This plant can grow to a height of 31 in (80 cm), and it typically blooms in the middle of summer. Japanese Iris is cherished for its flowers. The blooms consist of 3 large broadly ovate petals and 3 more sepals. The bloom coloring varies in the shades of purple, and each large petal has a yellow middle. The long foliage is deep green in color and has a narrow, sword-like shape. Japanese Flag is a hardy plant widely distributed throughout the Japanese archipelago



It’s best to grow Japanese Flag in a deep and narrow pot, as this plant prefers to develop deep rhizomes. Choose a pot made of glazed ceramics or plastic so as not to let moisture evaporate too quickly. It’s necessary to choose a pot with at least one drainage hole to avoid overwatering.

This flower is highly cherished in Japan. Japanese Iris is believed to have been introduced to Japanese culture during ancient times. This flower has been widely cultivated since then.


Difficulty (Medium)
Hardiness zone (4 - 9)
Lighting - Full Sun
Temperature (20°C - 24°C)


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